Amazing App Innovation

Swipefied. Your products, services or events showcased elegantly with every smartphone, tablet, iPad or PC on the market. Brilliant.

Your customers do not need to download or install anything as your products are accessed through every device's built-in browser. Simple.

You can link your product slides with specific calls-to-action: links to your payment pages, enquiries to your email or even store locations using Google Maps. Smart.

Launch Demo

Why Swipefied?

When people read and consume digital content and streams that are available to them (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, SMS, RSS feeds etc.) there is currently no way of predicting what kind of device they will be using.

Swipefied addresses this, with its patented innovation, by creating an app experience that looks and works great on virtually every type of device out there, whether its smartphones, tablets, iPads, desktops or laptops.

There is no need for expensive development of device specific apps, no 'App Store' approval processes and nothing to install.


Swipefied is currently available to selected businesses and by invitation only. You can register your interest below.